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AP subscribers who wish to reuse or continue to display AP video outside of the Initial Usage Period specified in their subscription agreement must purchase a licence from AP Archive. The Initial Usage Period is defined in your subscription agreement but it is ordinarily 14 days. 

A substantial discount is given to AP subscribers for archive use. The discounted price is $350 per AP story (or part thereof) to be reused and this gives 24 hours' news use on the platforms, media outlets and within the territories as defined in your subscription agreement with AP. Non-AP subscribers pay $850 per story for the same rights. 

When you reuse any AP stories outside of the Initial Usage Period, please report the usage to us within 7 days. Please specify the story number used, the name of your company and contact name for billing and email to declare@aparchive.com. We will then send you your licence and invoice. If your reuse of AP stories is likely to be substantial, you may want to consider upgrading the rights of your subscription agreement to allow for archive reuse. Please contact your usual AP representative who will be able to discuss packages and terms. 

A vast amount of additional archive footage can be accessed from aparchive.com and as an AP subscriber, you are entitled to use this footage at the same discounted price. Please feel free to ask us to help you source footage by emailing us at sales@aparchive.com.

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