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Story No: z066742
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Date: 06/22/1966 12:00 AM
People: Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr Martin Luther King leads a Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) march in Philadelphia, Mississippi. The marchers carry signs commemorating three murdered CORE field workers: James Chaney, Andrew Woodman and Michael Schwerner. White truck drivers intimidate the civil rights marchers as they gather near the County Jailhouse and Mr Ralph Abernathy speaks and leads the marchers in prayer.

1. ms road

2. mcu legs

3. SOUNDBITE: (English) mcu pan black and white marchers, some wearing CORE t-shirts, sing and hold US flag and signs reading 'James Chaney', 'Andrew Woodman' and 'Michael Schwerner'

4. mcu tracking shot Martin Luther King (MLK) marching

5. mcu MLK marching with James Chaney sign behind

6. mcu black family watch march from porch

7. ms MLK and Abernathy marching

8. SOUNDBITE: (English) mcu tracking shot party marching, interviewer asks MLK about the upcoming rally and voter registration drive in Indianola 9. and about difficulties encountered by Civil Rights campaigners in the state of Mississippi

10. ws singing marchers cross railway tracks

11. SOUNDBITE: (English) ws marchers chanting; zoom out to show MLK passing by

12. ws pan car passes and screeches brakes near protesters

13. ms pan convertible car and police car passing

14. ws water tower with Philadelphia, Mississippi lettering; tilt down zoom out to singing marchers passing

15. ws white men watch marchers pass

16. ws car swerves towards marchers

17. ws white men and boys watch march

18. ms out of focus

19. SOUNDBITE: (English) ms pan screams as police car turns

20. ws police car drives off from column of marchers

21. mcu tilt down pan marchers pick up and carry injured black male wearing a CORE t-shirt

22. ms man being carried through crowd

23. ms County Jail building; pan to police officers, MLK, Abernathy and others

24. SOUNDBITE: (English) mcu MLK and Abernathy speak to marchers standing with their backs to police officers

25. mcu pan trucks and cars driven by white drivers beep their horns and pass by as protesters sing "Old Freedom"

26. SOUNDBITE: (English) mcu Abernathy: "We do not intend to stay all day, because we have other places to go and other things to do, but we are not going to continue to be interrupted by these trucks, and by all this noise. So if we have to stay all day then we'll just have to stay all day, and block up the whole street and the whole Jailhouse and everything else. We didn't intend to stay here, and we don't want to stay here, we want to be prayerful and worshipful now. But let us, let that, let the policeman move that car out of the way and stop that noise so we can get on with our process. That's all we want - an orderly process. We are going to be orderly, and we expect these police officers of the great sovereign state of Mississippi to see to it that we have protection. Isn't that what we want?" Crowd: "Yeah"; zoom in "Right, now are we are ready for the scripture... [reads from the Bible]"

27. mcu MLK and others kneel down

28. SOUNDBITE: (English) ms Abernathy reads a prayer while marchers kneel

Film: Pos - Sound: Opt SOF - B&W - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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Story No: z057251
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Date: 01/21/1965 12:00 AM
People: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King is arrested whilst on a March in Selma alabama. King also makes a speech in Brown Chapel AME Church. Mayor of Selma Joe Smitherman gives a press conference.

1. ws civil rights protesters marching along path

2. ms on Selma Sherriff Jim Clark walks up to the march headed by Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King SOUNDBITE: English Clark states that everybody in the march is under arrest for parading without a permit

3. ws of line of protesters

4. cu civil rights protester talking to man

5. ws pan right of protesters sitting down

6. ws protesters sat down

7. ms protesters including King stand up

8. ms Clark walking ahead of King and other protesters

9. ws line of protesters cross road

10. various as marchers walk directed by police

11. ws marchers walk in to Dallas County Courthouse over seen by Clark and King

12. various as protesters walk in to building

13. ms the clocks on side of courthouse they read 12.21

14. various as protesters are taken away in school buses

15. various as a line of people approach courthouse two are stopped by a police officer

16. ms inside building man signing in at desk with police officer

17. ws line of people outside building

18. cu police officer at top of steps talking

19. various as people wait outside building

20. various showing large queue and people standing outside building

21. ws a man is searched by police

22. ws as man is taken away down alley followed by many police

23. various a line of people walk in to shop

24. cu on sign reading 'Carter Walgreen Agency Drugs'

25. various as people are led out of the drug store

26. various of Mayor of Selma Joe Smitherman giving press conference SOUNDBITE: English Smitherton says King's name wrong instead saying a racial slur before correcting himself and talks about the recent protests in Selma before describing himself as a segregationist

27. ms group of marchers walking

28. ws people crossing road with pan left

29. ms a group of police standing together

30. ws a large group of people standing outside a building

31. ms civil rights protester go in to building

32. ws police officer walking along queue of people

33. ws man and police officers walking along pavement

34. ws pan right school bus carrying protesters passes

35. ws of Brown Chapel AME Church with people walking inside

36. ms Martin Luther King exiting car

37. ms as King moves through crowd

38. ms people clapping inside the church

39. cu on King making speech SOUNDBITE: English talks about the importance of African Americans gaining the vote as well as achieving economic and social equity and the importance of the non violent approach

*Date Is Approximate

Film: Pos - Sound: Opt SOF - B&W - NYFilm: No - LN Number: LN17593 - Available in HD

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