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Story No: z057165
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style tour of Tel Aviv, second largest city in Israel

1. Tilt down to roof tops overlooking the sea

2. MCU man sketching bell tower of St Peter's Church

3. Tilt up to MS St Peter's Church

4. WS man lying under palm tree sketching bell tower of church

5. Zoom out to man lying under palm tree sketching and St Peter's Church

6. CU man sketching St Peter's Church

7. LS man sketching and St Peter's Church

8. WS people chatting in cafe

9. WS couple sitting in park, cuddling each other under trees

10. WS men playing tennis

11. LS tower blocks

12. Tilt up to tower blocks

13. WS skyline

14. Tilt up to top of tower block

15. Tilt down to sign "Israel. World's No. 1 exporter of diamonds"

16. Tilt up tower block

17. Pan to tower blocks

18. MCU poster of beautiful woman

19. Pan to shoppers walking through shopping district

10. Pan to poster of beautiful woman

11. VS WS men sitting in cafe

12. WS cafe signs in English

13. Tilt down to women sitting in cafe

14. LS Rabin Square

15. Panning shot to fountains and municipal building

16. WS pedestrian bridge and traffic

17. Panning shot of skyline

Film: Rev ? Sound: Mag SOF ? Colour ? NYFilm: No ? LN Number: No ? Available in HD

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Locations: Tel Aviv, Israel
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Summary: SP 111982 A CASE OF CITIES : DELHI
Story No: z057551
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM
People: Mahatma Gandhi

Travelogue style tour of Delhi, capital of India

1. cu title page - 'UPITN Productions World Service: Cities Series - Phase 1: Delhi'

2. vs Qutub Minar

3. vs the Secretariat Building

4. vs the Laxminarayan Temple

5. mcu male burning a substance near to statues of deities

6. cu statues of deities

7. vs building named, 'All India Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital'

8. vs the Parliament House

9. cu flag of India

10. vs the Secretariat Building

11. vs inner-city buildings

12. ws city landscape

13. vs the Jama Masjid temple

14. vs the Sacred Heart Cathedral

15. vs Mahatma Gandhi's Statue

16. cu statue of Mahatma Gandhi

17. cu statues of Gandhi's followers

18. vs city shops

19. vs city buildings

20. vs the Indian Institute of Technology

21. vs males working with equipment

22. mcu males writing on paper

23. ws educational building

24. mcu statue of male holding a book

25. vs domed building

26. vs busy inner-city streets, including motorcycles, bicycles with trailers and tuc tucs

27. ms large group of males sitting on a carpeted floor

28. mcu three males playing instruments, including two males on harmoniums

29. ws entertainment venue

30. ms a Tanga on a busy city street

31. vs males and females working with brightly coloured textiles

Film: Rev - Sound: Mag SOF - Colour - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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People: Mahatma Gandhi
Locations: India, South Asia, Asia
Story No: z054379
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 08/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style tour of Belgrade, capital of Yugoslavia (Serbia).

1. various of Bajlonijeva Pijaca (Bajloni Market)

2. various of Kapetan Misino Zdanje (Captain Misha's Mansion), Seat of the University of Belgrade

3. cu University of Belgrade sign on building

4. various of details on building

5. ms street scene, zoom out to Captain Misha's Mansion

6. ms zoom out to gv of busy Knez Mihajlova street

7. various of street scenes showing traffic, pedestrians, shops

8. gv panoramic of Belgrade rooftops, including Parliament building and Saint Marc's Church (Crkva Svetog Marka)

9. gv zoom in to Parliament building

10. ms zoom out to St Marc's Church and surroundings

11. various panoramic shots of Belgrade streets and rooftops from the Beogradjanka building

12. gv tilt down Beogradjanka building

13. mcu Fiat 750 front and bonnet with Yugoslav flag on, tilt up to Beogradjanka building

14. cu cross

15. various of St Mark's Church

16. ms traffic on street

Film: Rev Sound: Mag SOF Colour NYFilm: No LN Number: No Available in HD

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Locations: Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Eastern Europe, Europe
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Story No: z057536
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style footage of Rio de Janeiro showcasing its landmarks, architecture and beach culture.

SD and HD version available in \\Source_Clips\UPITN

1. various of harbour/boat masts with city and Corcovado Mountain behind; mcu Christ The Redeemer statue.

2. high angle view, ms slums (Favelas), pan up the hill.

3. ms high angle of modern cityscape.

4. various of Gloria Church

5. various of Sugar Loaf Mountain and harbour in fg, pan to other side of bay large (hotel?) building with signs for VARIG and VASP airlines.

6. various of beach with Sugar Loaf in bg (Ipanema/Copacabana) and people sunbathing, swimming, paddling, families etc; small plane flies past in bg with banner from tail; child eating ice lolly.

7. various of Sugar Loaf Mountain, and cable car pulley system; ms and low angles; ls mountain and water in fg, boat sails past; ms people in rock pools on rock out in bay.

8. ws sunset, sun going down across water next to mountain; ms reflection of sunset on buildings next to beach; silhoutted people fishing off a rock; very dark shots of clouds in orange sky after sun is down.

9. ms high angle view of favela; ms pan from city to same and favela up to the top of the hill; various mcu and effect shots of favelas and run-down houses, fast pans and slow pans;

10. ms street with tram lines on road and wires overhead, going straight past a residential house;

11. ms mountainside, zoom to houses built on steep slope; various of same; high angle view from mountain down onto cityscape, Sugar Loaf in bg.

12. ws beach and city behind (Ipanema/Copacabana), pan to show strecthing to horizon.

13. ms high angle view of city, skyscrapers in bg.

14. various high angle mcu of people swimming in sea and sunbathing on beach; various ms of beach shots, colourful umbrellas, small boats/kayaks on the sand; ms pier; ms 3 men in rowing boat.

Film: Rev - Sound: Mute - Colour - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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Subjects: Sunbathing, Outdoor recreation, Recreation and leisure, Lifestyle, Mountains, Environment and nature, Recreational swimming, Recreational water sports, Recreational sports
Locations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Story No: z057173
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style tour of Johannesburg, largest city in South Africa

SD master available - https://ap.archive.sourceclips.prod.eu.s3.amazonaws.com/UPITN/z057173.mov

1. Cities Series - Phase 1 - Johannesburg

2. LS aerial Johannesburg stadium and surroundings

3. Pan to skyline, Ponte City Apartments on right of screen

4. VS skyline, skyscrapers and tower blocks

5. LS Hillbrow Tower

6. MS industrial site

7. WS industrial site

8. Panning shot industrial site

9. WS convent/monastery looking building

7. LS park in foreground, convent/monastery looking building in background

8. WS facade of large red brick building

9. Tilt up to roof of house

10. MCU sign reading 'Civic Centre Burgersentrum'

11. Tilt up tall building, part of Civic Centre

12. Tilt down to WS Civic Centre Burgersentrum

13. Tilt up to top of tower of Civic Centre Burgersentrum

14. WS buildings of Civic Centre Burgersentrum

15. WS pigeons pecking lawn near CivicCentre

16. Zoom out to WS building of Civic Centre

17. WS main road, traffic and skyscrapers

18. Zoom to traffic on bridges crossing main road

19. VS views Kingsway Campus, University of Johannesburg

20. LS car park outside campus

21. WS traffic on busy road

22. Panning shot to campus

23. WS The Great Hall, Witts University (doric columns)

24. Pan students walking up to The Grand Hall

25. WS The Great Hall

26. WS campus building, exterior staircase

27. MCU Star of David on roof of The Great Synagogue

28. Zoom out to WS The Great Synagogue, partially obscured by trees

29. Tilt up MCU St Mary's Cathedral (Anglican denomination)

30. Pan to WS front of cathedral

31. MCU window above main entrance of cathedral

32. Tilt down to archway entrance of cathedral

33. WS Carlton SkyRink, ice rink on top of Carlton Centre

34. Pan of Carlton Centre

35. WS Carlton Tower

36. MCU facade of Carlton Centre building

37. Pan to WS Barclays Bank, Carlton Centre

38. Tilt up to roof of tall building under construction

38. Tilt down to street level

39. MS building (partially obscured by trees)

40. WS shops

41. WS man buying fruit from stall

42. VS WS main road and traffic in Carlton Centre area

43. WS skyscrapers (Barclaycard sign on side of building)

44. Pan to VS MS mosque in Carlton Centre

45. MCU pigeon sitting on top of Moslem crescent and star decoration on roof of mosque

46. Tilt up mosque

47. WS Market Theatre

48. MCU sign Market Theatre

49. WS entrance to theatre

50. LS Post Office

51. MCU people entering and exiting Post Office

52. VS scenes of traffic, people crossing roads

53. WS tilt up buildings and pedestrian bridge over road

54. Tilt up upper storey of Victorian building on corner of street

55. Tilt down to WS street

56. MCU people waiting to cross busy road

57. VS street scenes

58. LS skyscrapers in distance

59. Pan of buildings, parked cars and unmade road

60. MS house

61. WS disused mine shaft

62. Tilt down to VS mine machinery

63. MCU mine shaft pulley wheels

64. Pan mine shaft pulley wheels

65. VS mine shaft

66. MCU wheel

67. WS dilapidated mine buildings

68. Aerial shot dual carriage motorway

69. WS motorway

70. LS supermarket 'Pick n Pay' car park

71. LS skyline and retail park

72. WS exterior retail park (Oosterse Plaza sign on facade)

73. WS market stall selling clothes

74. MCU Asian women talking

75. MCU clothes on stall

76. African lady selling socks on market stall

77. VS market stalls

78. WS stall selling fans

79. MCU wicker baskets

80. LS skyscraper (possibly Carlton Tower) and traffic on busy road

81. MS skyscraper

82. VS cranes and street scenes

83. MCU sign 'Johannsburg Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers'

84. Tilt down to WS vegetable shop

85. MS clothes hanging outside shop front

86. MCU African lady carrying bag of oranges on her head

87. MCU African ladies speaking, pointing at wares

88. Aerial trains in rail station

89. Panning aerial of trains in station

90. WS train leaving station

91. Zoom out to skyline, Hillbrow Tower to right of screen

92. Aerial trains, skyline in distance

93. MCU elephant engraving on facade of wall

94. Tilt down to CU engraving '44 Main Street', headquarter building of Anglo-American mining company

95. Tilt up facade of '44 Main Street'

96. Tilt down to steps leading up to entrance of building

97. MCU businessmen walking up steps to building

98. WS entrance of '44 Main Street'

99. WS people crossing road

100. MCU people walking along

101. MCU woman buying newspaper from street vendor

102. MCU men waiting to cross road

103. WS modern mosque

104. Pan to MS Islam Centre

105. WS JISWA Centre

106. Pan to MS JISWA Centre

107. MCU lady walking past

108. WS Asian schoolgirls carrying books

109. MCU Asian schoolboys

110. LS residential street scene (outskirts of Johannesburg), African lady carrying bag of goods on her head

111. MCU Asian family walking in street

112. MCU African ladies wearing berets

113. LS residential street

114. Panning shot of street

115. WS motor cyclist driving down street

116. LS public building

117. MCU African policeman beckoning man

118. VS people hanging around building, policemen walking about

119. MCU emblem on facade of building

120. LS public building

121. WS road

122. MCU sign television building 'Broadcast House TV2 & TV3 Uitsaaihuis TV2 & TV3'

123. Zoom out to people waiting outside building

124. Tilt up to sign

125. Tilt up television building

126. Zoom out to MS television building (TV2 & TV3)

127. Tllt up to roof of building and tilt down to ground level.

128. MCU sign 'SAUK / SABC'

129. LS Sentech Tower

130. Pan to WS South African Broadcasting Corporation television building

131. Pan to LS Sentech Tower

132. MCU SABC building

133. MCU wording 'SABC Television'

134. MS entrance to television building, Sentech Tower in right of screen

135. MCU wording 'SABC Television'

136. WS pedestrian square

137. Pan pedestrian square, clock tower of Post Office in background

138. WS people walking along road

139. LS Edgars department store, people sitting on benches

140. MS toddler chasing after pigeons in park outside Edgars department store

141. LS Edgars department store

142. MS African businessmen and ladies sitting on benches

143. Zoom out to 'jumping buck' water fountain, Edgars department store in background

144. MCU pigeons on top of fountain

145. WS people crossing road of shopping area

146. MS main road

147. WS John Vorsterplein Square building

148. MCU wording 'John Vorsterplein/Square' and South African flag on entrance of building

149. Tilt up building

150. Tilt down to entrance of buidling

151. Zoom in to wording 'John Vorsterplein/Square'

152. LS skyscraper

153. MS skyscraper and road

154. MS aeroplane taking off

155. VS exterior airport

156. MCU 'International Arrivals' sign in English and Afrikaans

157. Tilt down to vehicles parked outside airport

158. MS Moslem couple with their luggage

159. MCU Departure Board

160. WS lobby of airport

161. MS girls in uniform, carrying baby

162. WS graffiti on wall

163. Tilt down to MS stall sellilng fruit and flowers

164. Tilt up to graffiti

165. MS stall

166. WS graffiti on wall stating 'This is where it's at Man'

167. LS alley covered in graffiti

168. MCU graffiti 'Love is in the air'

169. MCU graffiti of cats

170. LS alley covered in graffiti

171. Pan to MS 'Cafe d'Aliz Kats'

172. MCU graffiti ' This is Kool Katz-Korna' and 'It's for the people Man!'

173. CU mouse playing guitar in graffiti

174. VS MCUs graffiti

175. VS people in street

176. VS MCUs graffiti

177. MCU woman picking up toddler in street

178. WS African women walking along street

179. MS African and white women talking animatedly on street

180. WS traffic along main road

181. WS 'Fidelity Guards' van and other vehicles parked outside Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant

Film: Rev - Sound: Mag/SOF - Colour - NYFilm:No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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Subjects: Islam, Religion, Social affairs, Postal service, Shipping, Transportation and shipping, Industrial products and services, Business
Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Story No: z057541
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 11/21/1980 12:00 AM


Travelogue style scenics of San Francisco


1. ms ship on sea, zoom out to high angle view of San Francisco; various high angles of cityscape and coastline, residential areas, motorways.

2. various of Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers (glass house); mcu of ducks on pond/lake and pan to runners; various park scenes, lake, waterfall; ms sign Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Gardens, windmill in bg; pan the sun to windmill.

3. various of coastline and beach, rocks, tide in and out, waves crashing, couple relaxing on the rocks.

4. various of Golden Gate Bridge and cars driving across

Film: Rev ? Sound: Mag SOF ? Colour ? NYFilm: No ? LN Number: No ? Available in HD

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Locations: San Francisco, United States
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Story No: z057531
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM
People: Hassanal Bolkiah

Travelogue style tour of Bandar Sri Bigawan (Brunei), Borneo

1. cu title page - 'UPITN Productions World Service: Cities Series - Phase 1: Bandar Sri Bigawan'

2. ws rural landscape, including a fair sized residential plot, zoom in to a modern building

3. vs residential areas alongside the river

4. ws city buildings

5. ws residential area alongside the river, pan to city landscape

6. vs city buildings

7. ms interior of a stone building

8. ws the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

9. cu golden symbol at the top of an archway, zoom out to reveal archway

10. vs the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

11. ws residential areas along the riverside, pan to Mosque tower

12. bs three male infants walking over a footbridge, zoom out ot show footbridge itself

13. vs small boat goes under and beyond the footbridge

14. ws people crossing the footbridge

15. mcu two female infants cross the footbridge and one waves at the camera

16. ms female fixing the washing on a line

17. vs streets busy with traffic

18. vs many people sitting down under colourful umbrellas

19. ws the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, pan to a golden monument

20. vs golden monument stood in a pool of water

21. vs city landscapes

22. cu insignia and sign on the side of a building - 'The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation', zoom out to street level

23. ws building with writing on the side - 'Allah Selamatkan Sultan'

24. vs city landscapes

25. ms two elderly males with shopping bags

26. ws large stone building, pan to front of the building outside which sits a coach

27. ws the Churchill Memorial Museum, with the Churchill Memorial outside, pan to reveal size of building

28. cu hand of the statue which makes a 'V for Victory' or 'Peace' sign, zoom out to reveal the Churchill Memorial statue

29. cu plaque on the Churchill Memorial - 'Churchill: 1874-1965', tilt downwards to the remainder of the inscription

30. mcu lettering set on the building - 'Churchill Memorial Museum', zoom out to reveal the building itself and the memorial statue

31. ws wide building

32. ws wide building, with written on the side - 'ANGS'

33. vs market place, busy with people

34. ms a small boat sets off into the river with four males on board

35. ms a small boat returns back to land and lets off its four passengers

36. vs small boats going to and from the land

37. ms two small boats docket at the harbour

38. mcu male offloads bags of fishes from a small boat, onto the harbour's decking

39. vs workers sorting and bagging small fish and sea food

40. vs boats docked at the harbour

41. vs riverside residential areas

42. ws riverside landscape, with the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in the distance

43. ms golden roof of a building

44. ws white and gold building, pan to show the length of the building

45. vs tower of a building, pan to show a second lower building

46. cu symbol, zoom out to reveal complete bronze symbol on the side of a building

47. ms two adjacent buildings, pan to show the length of one of the two buildings

48. cu symbol accompanied by the motto - 'Adil Laila Bahagia', zoom in to motto specifically

49. ms street fairly busy with traffic

50. cu symbol accompanied by a sign - 'Pusat Belia'

51. ws grey building

52. ws street view, tilt to a tall grey building

53. vs tall grey building

54. vs street busy with traffic and people

55. vs tall stone building, pan to show size of building

56. ms street view, pan to the 'Hotel Brunei'

57. vs range of buildings

58. ms the roof of a tower, and the star and moon symbol of a mosque

59. vs range of buildings

60. vs number of parked cars

61. ms the main tower of the Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, zoom out and pan to reveal wider landscape

62. vs another domed building

63. ws rural landscape, pan to the Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

64. vs females selling fruit and other goods near the beach

65. vs signs outside of a facility

66. ws facility itself, pan to reveal the size of the building and automobiles entering the facility

67. ws of the Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, pan to reveal the size of the building and zoom in to the entrance

68. ws the inside of the Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah including part of the running track and seating, pan to reveal the rest of the interior

69. ms the running track

70. ms the scoreboard

71. ms the lighting, tilt to reveal the size of a single light

72. ms seating facilities

73. vs residential buildings

74. ms departure board, pan to show overall size of departure board

75. cu building called - 'Royal Brunei'

76. cu flag of Brunei flying in the wind

77. vs 'Brunei International Airport'

78. ms control tower of 'Brunei International Airport'

79. ms aeroplane landing on the runway

80. ms official flagging down the aeroplane

81. cu nose of aeroplane, zoom out to reveal whole of the aeroplane

82. cu symbol on the fin of the aeroplane

83. mcu three female workers

84. vs passengers exit the aeroplane by walking down a temporary staircase, and then cross the tarmac to enter the airport

85. cu road sign - 'Civil Aviation Department'

86. ms group of adults sitting together, zoom out to reveal building by which they are sitting

87. vs dowdy grey building

88. ms sign for the 'Maktab Melayu Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan/ Science School'

89. cu symbol of the school on the side of the building

90. vs colourful buildings

91. ms sign for the 'Pusat Latehan Teknikal Brunei'

Film: Rev - Sound: Mag SOF - Colour - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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People: Hassanal Bolkiah
Locations: Brunei, Southeast Asia, Asia
Summary: SP 111729 A CASE OF CITIES : GENEVA
Story No: z057160
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style tour of Geneva, Switzerland

1. cu elderly male and female working at a market stall

2. vs market stalls busy with people

3. ws large stone building near the waterfront

4. ws large number of small boats docked at the harbour

5. ms road busy with people and two skateboarders

6. ms road busy with people

7. ws bridge over the river, pan to large stone building on the waterfront

8. ws the river

9. cu fruit on a market stall

10. cu female, zoom out to reveal a market stall beside her

11. vs market stalls and browsers

12. ms large building, tilt downwards to street view and a flowerbed

13. ms street entertainer

14. ws the hospital, and a road sign, reading - 'Hospital: Admissions/ Emergencies'

15. ms street view, tilt upwards to reveal the 'Hotel Intercontinental'

16. vs the Hotel Intercontinental

17. ms cars parked along the roadside

18. cu sign, reading - 'Hopital Beau-Sejour', zoom out to reveal hospital entrance and building

19. ms small boats tied up, pan to reveal the coastline

20. ms road busy with traffic

21. ms female sitting along the waterfront, pan to the Jet d'Eau in the distance

Film: Rev ? Sound: Mag SOF ? ColourB&W ? NYFilm: No ? LN Number: No ? Available in HD

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Locations: Geneva
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Story No: z056947
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style tour of Bangkok, capital of Thailand

1. LS Dusit Thani Hotel; traffic along main road

2. CU facade of tall building (possibly Dusit Thani Hotel)

3. Tilt down to entrance of tall building (possibly Dusit Thani Hotel)

4. WS women talking, shielding their eyes from the sun

5. People stepping cautiously over unmade pavement

6. LS Buddhist temples

7. WS young Buddhist monks in street

8. WS boat on Chao Praya River

9. MCU boat on river

10. Aerial shots of boat arriving at jetty

11. People boarding boat

12. WS boat sailing on river

13. MS traffic on main road

14. WS shoppers in market

15. MCU women shoppers

16. VS market scenes

17. VS traffic on main roads

18. WS people in park and LS buildings on other side of river

19. WS traffic in main streets of shopping district

20. MCU shoppers in market

21. WS temple and old fortress wall

22. VS traffic

23. LS tall building

24. MCU windows of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

25. Zoom out to LS Hotel and Chao Phraya River

26. WS Chao Phraya River and tall building (possibly another hotel)

27. Zoom in to MS boat on river

28. WS boat towing floating platforms

29. WS Thai lady wearing straw hat fishing in boat, moored up outside family house

30. MS young girls buying crepes from market trader

Film:Rev - Sound: Mag SOF - Colour - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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Locations: Bangkok, Thailand
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Story No: z057172
Source: AP Television
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/01/1980 12:00 AM

Travelogue style footage of Washington DC showcasing the architecture, landmarks and people.

SD PAL master & PAL screener available - \\source clips\upitn

1. high angle pan of Washington cityscape; various shots displaying US Capitol, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial and views of the city.

2. ms road outside White House, people sit by railings on sidewalk; mcu people; cu American Flag on roof, zoom out to ms White House.

3. ms The Embassy Row building, pan to street; ms building zoom to flag of Venezuela; various of Korean Embassy; ms buildings with Luxembourg Flag, Togolese Flag, Sudanese Flag; ms sign 'Embassy of Togo', various of building; ms sign 'Embassy of Luxembourg', various of building.

4. ms road with traffic, police escort for Presidential car - motorcade; various of street.

5. ms park, zoom to statue on plinth of a man holding a bat; various of same; ms cars and road, zoom out to street view, office blocks around.

6. travelling shots looking up at buildings; travelling shots zoom out from girls sitting at cafe table, car going past.

7. ms tree in blossom, glass office block window; ms smartly dressed people walking down sidewalk; ws pan of high-rise buildings.

8. ms Eisenhower Executive Office Building with pillar in front, gold statue on top.

9. ms Washington Memorial.

10. pan shot of Tourmobile Sighteseeing bus going past; ms people sitting by railings; ms side of building; ws Washington Memorial, trees fg;

11. ms Lincoln Memorial, fountains in fg; various of runners next to Washington Memorial and running in the park past Lincoln Memorial.

12. ms lots of American flags all flying, Capitol in bg.

13. ms pan of birds taking off next to building.

14. ls Washington Memorial, long water in fg.

15. ms Lincoln Memorial; zoom to mcu statue Abraham Lincoln, and various.

16. ms family walking in park; and various of other people.

17. ms Washington National Mosque, various cu; ms sign 'Islamic Center'; various flags flying (American Legion).

18. various of Jefferson Memorial; helicopter flying past Washington Memorial and Jefferson; ms sign 'Independence Ave, Jefferson Memorial, Hains Point'.

19. ls across water boats and buildings, zoom to Capitol in bg; various of sailing boats and pontoons; ms Capitol dome, zoom out to boys playing football on grass; same zoom to road.

20. ms road and cars; sign 'Department of State'; ms men walking outside buiding; various of smart people walking; various of normal people on the street and stalls selling paintings and shiny brass.

21. ms woman does her hair in a hand mirror on the street, hat stall, pan to high-rise; various of flags on building and stalls outside, sign for Stouffer Hotels; cu brass ornaments, zoom to street; sign '1990 The Esplanade' on building, men walk past; various of people looking at goods on stalls; hat stall.

22. ms women sitting on park bench eating, zoom out to view of buildings and traffic; various of men playing chess in the park; women sitting on bench; man eats burger and chips; various people walk through the park; zoom from red tree to pan of buildings; ms building pan to road; mcu flags, zoom out to road and people walking through leaves.

23. various of buildings, roads, traffic; sign 'The Carvers'.

24. ls, ws White House, zoom to flag flying; ms people in athletic gear walking in front of White House.


25. neon sign 'Peoples Drug', various shots of traffic on roads

26. mcu reflection of Capitol building in darkened lake, zoom out to Capitol; various.

Film: Rev - Sound: Mag SOF - Colour - NYFilm: No - LN Number: No - Available in HD

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Subjects: Women's sports, Sports, Embassies, International relations, Government and politics
Locations: Washington, United States

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