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(HZ) Thailand Golf Tree
Summary: Christmas tree made from thousands of golf balls
Story No: 547094
Source: AP Television News
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 12/14/2007 05:55 AM


Bangkok - December 13, 2007

1. Wide shot of the Golf ball Christmas Tree while some of the hotel staff decorate it

2. Close up shot of a staff member gluing a golf ball

3. Close up shot of hands while gluing a golf ball

4. Close up shot of a golf ball attached to the Christmas tree

5. Top wide shot of the golf ball Christmas Tree while the hotel staff are decorating it

6. Various close up shot of hotel staff member attaches golf ball

7. Close up shot of a girl looking at the golf ball Christmas tree

8. Wide shot of the other staff member trying to put more decorations on the Christmas tree

9. Close up shot of golf balls which properly attached to the tree

10. Top wide shot of the complete golf ball Christmas tree

11. SOUNDBITE : (English) Sanjog Modgil, Executive Assistant Manager of Amari Atrium Hotel.

"The reason why we chose that it because we want to promote Thailand as a golfing paradise in Asia as the same time we want to also make sure that after the tree is finished we want to give every balls to underprivileged children with some sticks to promote golf."

12. Various close up shot of the golf ball Christmas tree

13. Wide shot of complete golf ball Christmas tree


A hotel in Bangkok has unveiled a unique Christmas tree to celebrate the festive season.

The tree is 5.4 metres (17. 7 feet) high and 2.8 metres (9 feet) wide, and mainly made from thousands of golf balls.

19,888 golf balls to be precise.

It took a team of 10 hotel staff members 14 hours to place all the golf balls in position.

Sanjog Modgil, Executive Assistant Manager of Amari Atrium Hotel says the tree will promote Thailand as a golfing location and afterwards the balls will given to needy children.

The Christmas tree will be at the Amari Atrium Hotel, Bangkok until 26 December 2007.

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Subjects: Christmas, Holidays, Hotel operators, Occasions, Lifestyle, Hospitality and leisure industry, Consumer services, Consumer products and services, Industries, Business
Locations: Thailand, Bangkok, Southeast Asia, Asia
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Japan Bag
Summary: Diamond handbag set to be the ultimate accessory
Story No: 526273
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 06/14/2007 07:25 AM


1. Wide of model carrying diamond bag walking

2. Close-up of bag

3. Model walking with bag, zoom into close-up of bag, pull out to model walking

4. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Hiroko Mashiko, Chief Merchandiser at Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K.

"This costs 1.65 (m) million US dollars. We think this is the highest class of bag."

5. Extreme close-up of bag, slowly coming into focus, showing the eight-carat pear shaped diamond on front of bag

6. Two women, one holding bag

7. Close-up of model's diamond necklace

8. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Yuko, model who carried diamond bag:

"This was very heavy and so glittering."

9. Close-up of bag being held up by model, zoom in to show it covered in diamonds

10. Low angle view of two women, one holding bag

11. Close-up of bag

12. Side view of two women, one holding bag


A bag ornamented with over two-thousand diamonds and costing 1.65 (m) million US dollars was on display in Tokyo on Thursday.

The bag which is 14-centimetres (5.5-inches) by 9-centimetres (3.5-inches) has a platinum surface and is studded with 2,182 of the best quality diamonds.

At the centre of the bag glitters an eight-carat pear shaped diamond which can be detached from the bag and worn as a broach.

The bag also has a diamond strap that can be removed and worn as a necklace.

"We think this is the highest class of bag," said Hiroko Mashiko, the chief merchandiser at Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewellery K.K..

The bag will go on sale at Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewellery on 1 September, 2007.


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Subjects: Jewelry, Fashion accessories, Fashion, Beauty and fashion, Lifestyle
Locations: Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan
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US Ikea
Summary: Furniture store offers comedian a place to stay for a week
Story No: 549719
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 01/08/2008 03:25 AM
People: Stephen Colbert


1. Couple looking at promotion sign in store, pans to sign reading "We have a house guest!"

2. Medium of people walking by window into "apartment", wall sign reading "Living in 700 square feet"

3. Close up of Malkoff's feet pans to Malkoff lying in bed

4. Cameramen filming Malkoff

5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Yessenie Ramos, shopper:

"Is the bathroom working, is the shower working? For how many days? (Q: Would you do it?) No, I need a bathroom, a shower."

6. Medium of kitchen pans to Malkoff lying in bed

7. Close up of checkout with woman reading over order

8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Amanda Merzed, IKEA Employee:

"No, this is actually brand new. I came to work today thinking everything was okay and came to realise that I didn't read the bulletin or whatever was on and I found out there was a guy living here."

9. Wide of couple looking in window looking amazed

10. Malkoff showing couple around his apartment

11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Mark Malkoff, comedian living in IKEA shop:

"I mean it's been good, I mean I moved in this morning. I unpacked my clothes and I put them in the dresser, I mean, pretty much this is like a regular apartment except for the fact that the bathroom doesn't work, the dishwasher doesn't work, the microwave doesn't work and there's a lot of fake things that at IKEA and you have to kind of figure out what's real and what's fake."

13. Tilt up from clothes in drawers to pictures on dresser

14. Pan of personal pictures on dresser

15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Mark Malkoff, comedian living in IKEA:

"I did call a bunch of friends to try to crash with them. I mean everyone has small studio apartments and I wanted to be comfortable and this is the biggest apartment I think that I will probably ever live in, in my entire life. It's 700 square feet and in Manhattan that would probably go for five or six thousand (US dollars) a month."

16. Wide and slight pan from cafeteria to billboard with food selection

17. Close up of plate of food on sale in shop

18. Man looking at online video of Malkoff, zoom into screen

19. Close up of Malkoff "sleeping"

20. Close up of Malkoff's shoes

21. Woman looking window and slow zoom in on Mark sleeping


When Mark Malkoff thought about where he could stay while his New York City apartment was being fumigated for cockroaches, he quickly ruled out his friends' flats - too small - and hotels - too expensive.

Instead, the comedian and filmmaker decided to move into a furniture store in suburban New Jersey, where on Monday he unloaded two suitcases of personal belongings into a spacious bedroom set at the Paramus store.

At night when the store is closed, he says he'll play laser tag with security guards and even plans to host a housewarming party.

Malkoff, who works for Comedy Central's "Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert" as a ticket handler, is allowed to stay until Ikea closes at about midnight on Saturday; the store, famous for its low-cost do-it-yourself furniture, is closed on Sundays.

The 31-year-old said his friends didn't have room and hotels are too expensive. He said the idea also makes sense because his Astoria, Queens, apartment is 80 percent Ikea products anyway.

"I did call a bunch of friends to try to crash with them. I mean everyone has small studio apartments and I wanted to be comfortable and this is the biggest apartment I think that I will probably ever live in, in my entire life," said Malkoff.

Malkoff is best known for the "171 Starbucks" video documenting his visits to all of the coffee chain's Manhattan stores in a single day.

The Deputy store manager said Malkoff contacted the store about three weeks ago and presented a proposal to move in saying that store officials enjoyed his Starbucks video and loyalty to Ikea products.

On Monday, the store welcomed Malkoff at 7:45 a.m. (1245GMT) with a gift basket filled with cookies, blankets, pillows, an alarm clock, picture frames and a sleeping eye mask.

After dropping off his suitcases and eating breakfast in the Ikea cafeteria, he selected a two-bedroom apartment display complete with bunk beds, a bathroom, living room and a dining room area accented with green and purple wine glasses.

He is being followed by a camera crew documenting his stay for a video, which will be shown on his Web site, http://www.marklivesinikea.com.

But despite the hospitality, Malkoff did find a few problems: The sinks don't work, and neither does the toilet, refrigerator, flat-screen television or the washer and drier - a much coveted amenity in New York City.

He must shower in the staff locker room and will have access to the staff cafeteria to cook his own meals, if he chooses.

"This is like a regular apartment except for the fact that the bathroom doesn't work, the dishwasher doesn't work, the microwave doesn't work and there's a lot of fake things that at IKEA and you have to kind of figure out what's real and what's fake," said Malkoff.

However, the Ikea display does offer more spacious living than his two-bedroom Queens apartment.

Mark's wife of two years, Christine, isn't as thrilled with his new digs and has instead opted to stay with relatives in upstate New York.

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People: Stephen Colbert
Locations: Paramus, New Jersey, United States
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Entertainment World Pillows
Summary: International Pillow Fight Day, Paris, Brussels ADDS Argentina
Story No: 641904
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 04/04/2010 01:09 AM


AP Television

Paris, France

1. Various of pillow fight with Eiffel Tower in background

2. SOUNDBITE (French) Aymeric Chevreux, Paris Pillow fight organiser:

"It''s really all about having fun. We all used to pillow fight when we were children and as we grow up, we still want to do it so we are here for some fun, to hang out with people we''ve never met and that we will probably never meet again. It''s a good atmosphere, it''s really nice."

3. Various of pillow fight

4. Pan from people taking photos to pillow fight

5. SOUNDBITE (French) Marie-Jeanne Delluc, Pillow fighter:

"So I was told, ''now you have to fight.'' So I fought and within 30 seconds I was exhausted. It''s really tiring because some people hit you very hard so I got out."

6. Various of pillow fight

7. SOUNDBITE (German) Marina Ridmann, German tourist:

"Hello to everybody in Cologne! I''ll be back next year and it will be even bigger. I am already excited about it!"

8. Pillow fight participants throwing their pillows up into the air

Brussels, Belgium

9. Tilt down from Theatre Royal de la Monnaie building to Place de la Monnaie square where pillow fight happened

10. Wide of participants lying on the ground counting down to start of pillow fight

11. Various of pillow fight

12. SOUNDBITE (English) Violeta Fernandez, pillow fighter:

"Well, I came because everyone told me to come, because of the international day and to feel all the stress that we have because of everything that is happening."

(Q): Can you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes, I am still enjoying it"

13. Close of feathers on the ground

14. Wide of pillow fight

Buenos Aires, Argentina

15. Various of people arriving for pillow fight

16. Man signalling crowd to begin the pillow fight

17. Various of pillow fight


The feathers flew in Brussels, Paris and Buenos Aires on Saturday as hundreds of participants took out their frustrations during ''International Pillow Fight Day'' event.

In Paris, the fighters converged on the famed Champs de Mars for a fifteen minute battle royal.

"It''s really all about having fun," said fight organiser Aymeric Chevreux. "It''s a good atmosphere, it''s really nice."

For some though the fight was a little too much fun.

"I fought and within 30 seconds I was exhausted. It''s really tiring because some people hit you very hard" said 60-year old pillow fighter Marie-Jeanne Delluc.

There were similar scenes in Brussels as the Place de la Monnaie was littered with feathers after a 20 minute fight there.

While in Argentina - approximately 100 people turned out for the pillow fight in Buenos Aires.

''The International Pillow Fight Day'' is an event that was created on the worldwide web in 2008 as a part of the social phenomenon known as flash mobbing and was held in dozens of cities across the world on Saturday.

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Locations: Argentina, Brussels, Paris, Buenos Aires, South America, Latin America and Caribbean, Belgium, Western Europe, Europe, France
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Entertainment UK Human Beatbox
Summary: First ever human beatboxing choir perform to sell out crowd
Story No: 516648
Source: AP Entertainment, unknown
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 03/21/2007 06:50 AM
People: Bjork


++music/video/performance rights must be cleared ? check with AP Entertainment++

AP Entertainment

London, 18th March 2007

1. Wide of Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell room, London

2. Wide of audience

3. Close up little girl watching beatboxers

4. Performance beatboxers

5. Various of audience

6. Performance beatboxer

7. Wide of audience clapping

8. Medium of Schlomo

9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Schlomo:

"A lot of people see beatboxing as a little bit of a gimic or a little bit of a party trick and they don't really see as a creative way of making music, so my personal crusade is to be trying to make people understand that we are musicians and that it is a creditable art form "

10. Medium of Schlomo with pan to girl

11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Schlomo:

"If you are doing a human beatbox it goes a little something like this (beatboxing) that might had not sound basic but it really was if I slow it down you have this sound 'boom' which is literally just humming but with a b in the a beginning and you have this sound on the high hat (sound) its like when you are talking to someone you are annoying by them but then you click your teeth (sound) the good thing about that is that you could hum and talk at the same time they are kinda independent from each other so you could go like (sound) and you could go (sound) which means you got like three rhythms in your mouth and you could still make a note so you could be like (sound-beatboxing) sorry I have gone away from the basic idea."

12. Performance Schlomo human beatbox choir with the Swingle Singers

13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Schlomo:

"I have eight swinger singers a ninth singer that was part of this group but just left the group but didn't want to miss out on the project, so we have nine singers and I have myself and three other beatboxers and those three beatboxers are the most musical beatboxers I have ever met like the must creative musicians that beatbox. "

14. Performance Schlomo human beatbox choir with the Swingle Singers


'Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra', the world's first ever human beatboxing choir, made their debut to a sell-out crowd at London's Purcell Room on Sunday (18MAR07).

Directed by Grammy nominated British beatbox artist Shlomo the concert was the finale of the day-long International Beatbox Convention which toot place at Southbank centre attracting artists from around the world.

International beatbox artists from the USA, Australia and Eastern Europe performed during the afternoon, along with workshops, talks, seminars, film screenings and interactive stands all taking place.

Shlomo became noticed after his work with singer Bjork which earned him a Grammy nomination. His beats were also used as the theme to the Athens Olympics, with the Opening Ceremony performance reaching an estimated audience of 4.5 billion worldwide.

Shlomo's Vocal orchestra, which is made up of 15 people, performed a wide-range of material, including original works composed especially for the group, alongside a collection of popular pieces and crowd favourites.

The art of human beatboxing is one of the fastest growing trends in youth culture since the birth of Hip Hop. Since its origins on the streets of New York in the 1980s, beatboxing has morphed into an incredible performance art, with beatbox artists recreating entire tracks, and producing sounds unimaginable to the untrained ear.


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Subjects: Choirs and choruses, Music, First time events, Entertainment, Arts and entertainment, General news
People: Bjork
Locations: London, England, United Kingdom
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Entertainment China Miss Surgery
Summary: Beauty contest for plastic surgery patients
Story No: 436247
Source: APTN
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 12/12/2004 12:36 PM


December 12, 2004

1. Mid shot contestants of the artificial beauty contest doing make up

2. Tilt up from contestant's chest to face

3. Various of contestant No.2, Zhang Shuang from Hunan province, walking up to stage and posing for cameras

4. Contestant No.14, Peng Lili from Shanghai, walking up to stage and posing

5. Pull out from contestant No.14's body to mid shot of her posing

6. Contestant walking over to sit down

7. Wide shot contestants applauding at the presser

8. Tilt up to face of contestant No.13 Liu Xiaojing, a transsexual contestant from Jilin province

10. Mid shot of contestant No. 13

11. Various of seated contestants

12. SOUNDBITE: (Mandarin) Han Wei, General Manager of Tianjiu Medium Company, Pageant Organiser:

"This contest shows women's strong pursuit of beauty. We would like to use it to unveil the mystery of man-made beauty and let society have a complete understanding of every aspect."

File: July 2003

13. Various shots of beauty contestant Hao Lulu undergoing an operation

December 12, 2004

14. Wide shot of contestants on stage

15. Mid shot of transsexual contestant No.13 on stage

16. SOUNDBITE: (Mandarin) Liu Xiaojing, transsexual contestant from Jilin province:

"I think it is good to face the truth of life, otherwise, I will be very tired in my heart."

17. Mid shot of contestant from Jiangsu province introducing herself

18. Wide shot contestants on stage

19. Contestant No. 14 telling camera she had surgery on her eyes, nose and cheek

20. Tilt up from contestant No. 14's body to her face

21. SOUNDBITE: (Mandarin) Peng Lili, Contestant No.14 from Shanghai:

"I will tell my boyfriend where I had plastic surgery done. If he can accept it, we can continue our relationship, but if he cannot accept it, that means we do not have common interests."

22. Wide shot of oldest contestant, 62-year-old Liu Yulan from Hebei province, on stage

23. Various of Yulan speaking to media

24. Pan from media to contestants on stage

25. Mid shot of contestants


Nineteen finalists in China's first beauty pageant for women who have had plastic surgery took to the stage in Beijing in a parade of glittering gowns and plunging necklines.

The "Miss Artificial Beauty" contestants - ranging from 17 to 62 years of age - included one woman who has undergone a sex-change operation.

The contestants - heavily made up with hair expertly teased and waved - posed for reporters before a week of preparations for the December 18 final.

The competition and its novel pitch is another sign of China's increasing fixation with self-image as the country grows more prosperous and its people more conscious about looking good at any cost.

In the larger cities, cosmetic surgery has become commonplace as more women - and some men - go under the knife to improve their looks.

The idea for the pageant took shape shortly after an 18-year-old woman was disqualified from a Chinese beauty pageant earlier this year because she had had plastic surgery.

She sued unsuccessfully for emotional damages.

One of the organisers, Han Wei, said there had been more than 90 applicants from other countries including the United States and Japan, but none were chosen because they weren't serious about the contest or they had language or scheduling problems.

Liu Xiaojing, a 21-year-old finalist from the northeastern city of Harbin, was a man three years ago but doesn't feel that it makes a difference to her chances in the contest.

"I think it is good to face the truth of life, otherwise, I will be very tired in my heart," she said.

Liu, who hadn't told organizers that she was a transsexual because no one had asked, revealed that she used to be a man on Sunday in front of reporters.

Han said Liu's case was being discussed and no decision had been made on whether she still qualified as a contestant.

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Subjects: Treatments and therapies, Contests, Lifestyle, Plastic and cosmetic surgery, Plastic and cosmetic surgery, Health, Beauty and personal care, Beauty and fashion, Entertainment
Locations: China
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Hong Kong Hot Dog Contest
Summary: Japanese hotdog eating champ in dumpling eating competition
Story No: 458607
Source: APTN
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Date: 08/13/2005 01:04 PM

A Japanese champion eater fended off 30 challengers to win a dumpling eating contest in Hong Kong on Saturday, downing 83 steamed dumplings in eight minutes.

In his first appearance in Hong Kong, Takeru Kobayashi, 27, swallowed the vegetarian dumplings almost effortlessly, eating seven more than first runner-up, Hong Kong's Johnny Wu.

The best six competitors from the contest will compete with Kobayashi in a final pork bun eating race on Sunday.

Kobayashi, a professional competitive eater, seemed to swallow the dumplings whilst other competitors tended to chew them.

"My strategy was to increase the consumption of food two months before the competition began," he said.

Kobayashi added that dumplings are easier to eat since they are smaller and softer than hot dogs, but that he expects a harder time swallowing roast pork buns on Sunday.

Kobayashi is the world champion of hot dog eating contests, setting a world record of downing 53 1/2 frankfurters in 12 minutes, but he is just 170cm tall (5 feet 7 inches tall) and weighs just 65.5kg (144 pounds).

While Kobayashi's favourite food is beancurd (tofu), he also likes the steamed dumplings that originally come from Taiwan.

Organisers prepared 5000 dumplings for Saturday's competition with the filling in each dumpling weighing 22 ounces (624 grammes).

Keyword - Wacky

1. Zoom out from timer to competitors on stage

2. Close up of competitors eating dumplings

3. Mid shot of competitor grabbing three dumplings at once

4. Close up of competitor eating three dumplings

5. Mid shot Takeru Kobayashi eating dumplings

6. Close up Takeru Kobayashi eating dumplings

7. Pan from reporters to Takeru Kobayashi

8. Zoom out from dumplings in steamer to Takeru Kobayashi shaking body

9. Two Hong Kong competitors

10. Zoom out from Takeru Kobayashi eating the last dumplings before time's up

11. Takeru Kobayashi lifting his teeshirt to show off his belly

12. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Takeru Kobayashi, competitor

"My strategy was to increase the consumption of food two months before the competition began."

13. Zoom in Takeru Kobayashi flexing his arm muscle

14. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Takeru Kobayashi, competitor

"I cannot tell you my eating limitations. I have to keep them a secret."

15. Wide shot of piles of steamers with ten dumplings in each steamer

16. Close up of dumplings in one steamer

17. Pan from audience to competitors eating on the stage

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Subjects: Competitive eating, Record setting events, Sports, General news
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US Mailboxes
Summary: Postboxes across US to be decked out as the Star Wars robot R2 D2
Story No: 516240
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 03/16/2007 08:44 PM


1. Wide shot of street with "R2-D2" mailbox

2. Medium shot of "R2-D2" mailbox

3. Close up of "R2-D2" mailbox, pulls out to mid of mailbox

4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Voxpop, Paul Shinkman, local resident

"Well, I think as long as it actually gets my mail to where it's going, then there's no problem. And it's nice to see the post office do something funny every now and then."

5. Low angle shot of "R2-D2" mailbox

6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Voxpop, Chris Byrnes, local resident

"It just seems like an extra expense that doesn't really need to happen."

7. Close up of "R2-D2" mailbox, pulls out to mid of street

8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Voxpop, Chioma Iwuoha, local resident

"They're interesting, but not funny. I wouldn't have noticed if you wouldn't have asked me."

9. Close up of "R2-D2" mailbox

10. Close up of street sign, pulls out to wide of street and mailbox


Hundreds of mailboxes in the United States have been given a make-over.

The mailboxes have been coated with a special covering to make them look like the robot "R2-D2" from the movie, "Star Wars."

It's all part of a promotional campaign for a new stamp the US Postal Service will issue later this month, on March 28, that commemorates the launch of the "Star Wars" movie 30 years ago

The Postal Service and Lucasfilm are working together on the anniversary project.

Reaction from postal customers was varied.

"Well, I think as long as it actually gets my mail to where it's going, then there's no problem. And it's nice to see the post office do something funny every now and then," said Chris Shinkman.

Others weren't as impressed.

"They're interesting, but not funny," said Chioma Iwuoha.

"I wouldn't have noticed if you wouldn't have asked me," Iwuoha added.

The newly decorated boxes have replaced the normal blue mailboxes usually seen on US streets.

The promotional campaign is underway in some 200 US cities.

Keyword-wacky -bizarre

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Subjects: Postal service, Shipping, Transportation and shipping, Industrial products and services, Industries, Business
Organisations: United States Postal Service, United States government
Locations: Washington, Washington, D.C., United States
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Pakistan Bagpipes
Summary: Pakistan is a major exporter of bagpipes, the Scottish national instrument.
Story No: 404272
Source: APTN
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 12/23/2003 05:55 AM


1. Wide shot of street

2. Mid shot of people walking along street

3. Wide of band playing bagpipes

4. Mid shot of bagpipe player playing

5. Close up shot of a band player

6. Close up of the bagpipe player's hands playing

7. Wide of factory workers carving pieces of wood into pipe parts

8. Close up of a piece of wood for bagpipe

9. Mid shot of a worker making the pipe's different parts

10. SOUNDBITE: (Urdu) Moeen Bhatti, senior production manager and exporter of bagpipes:

"We are getting good business and good work. When we export our products abroad, they are highly appreciated. There haven't been complaints even once, rather we are getting positive feedback on our product's quality."

11. Mid shot of a factory worker checking bagpipes

12. Close up of worker's hands playing "the chanter" - part of bagpipe

13. Mid shot of worker putting on the stitched tartan cloth of the bagpipe cover

14. Close up of worker examining finished bagpipe

15. Pan from factory owner Nadeem Bhatti to worker packing bagpipes for sale

16. Close up of bagpipes stacked in a closet

17. Close up of bagpipes being packed

18. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nadeem Bhatti, bagpipe exporter:

"No, we never feel that we are Scottish. We are Pakistanis and our products are also Pakistani. British and Scottish people they are buying from us and we are proud that they are buying from Pakistan."

19. Mid shot of a painted sign of a bagpipe player on a musical instruments shop

20. Wide shot of street


Pakistan is half a world away from Scotland, but it is emerging as a major exporter of Scotland's national musical instrument: the bagpipe.

Sialkot is a small industrial city in Punjab province. Once famous as a paper making town it is now renowned as an exporter of this curious musical instrument.

A small Pakistani company, Jaguar International, exports bagpipes and accessories around the world, making them out of African Blackwood and Rosewood in just three or four days.

Nadeem Bhatti's family has been making bagpipes for more than 100 years - his great-grand father, a musical instrument maker, started selling bagpipes to the British army and its Pakistan based regiments in 1895.

As the business flourished the company started to export bagpipes directly to Scotland - these days Nadeem Bhatti operates through the internet receiving orders from as far away as Australia and the United States.

Today the company makes 100,000 (US) dollars a year, a considerable amount for a small company in Pakistan and there are also well established local pipe enthusiasts in the region.

Sialkot is home to at least 20 pipe bands that play at weddings and function and the armed forces of Pakistan also train their soldiers to master the art of the bagpipe which they play at official ceremonies.


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Subjects: Business, Economy, Visible trade, International trade
Locations: Scotland
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Philippines Festival
Summary: People doused with water during celebrations for patron saint
Story No: 527267
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Date: 06/24/2007 06:48 AM


1. Wide shot of people celebrating in the street

2. Wide shot of crowd spraying each other with water

3. Mid of crowd

4. Zoom in to people pouring water over each other

5. Close-up of people throwing water into back of van

6. Wide of children throwing water at a passing van

7. Mid of children in street playing with water

8. Close-up of people filling up bucket of water

9. SOUNBITE (English) Mayor JV Ejercito, San Juan City Mayor:

"This is a Feast of St. John the Baptist, our patron saint of the new city of San Juan, and it's a tradition to douse water."

10. Mid of people pouring water on a photographer

11. Mid shot of the view from inside of a vehicle as water is thrown at the windscreen


Thousands of Manila suburban residents honoured the feast of their patron saint, John the Baptist, by drenching passers-by and motorists with water on Sunday in a raucous celebration watched closely by police to avoid fistfights.

Mayor JV Ejercito led the annual celebration in San Juan by heading a convoy of three fire engines and training a water cannon on crowds that erupted in shrieks and applause as they were drenched under an overcast sky.

"This is a Feast of St. John the Baptist, our patron saint of the new city of San Juan, and it's a tradition to douse water," he said.

The ritual has been celebrated for decades to emulate Christ's baptism by John the Baptist.

Residents, carrying pails of water or armed with garden hoses attached to faucets, drenched passers-by, motorists and commuters aboard open-air jeeps.

While the frenzy draws large number of tourists and the media each year, many others avoid San Juan to avoid the drenching and taunting.

Some brave the area but wear raincoats even on a humid day.

The ritual has sparked scuffles in past years when some residents used dirty canal water on passers-by.

The Philippines is Asia's largest predominantly Roman Catholic nation.

St. John the Baptist is a Christian patron of water sources and supplies.

Celebrations honouring him take place all around the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines.


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Subjects: Municipal governments, Local governments, Government and politics
Locations: Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
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