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AP Archive offers footage from a number of important television news agency collections that are owned by AP Television News. These collections were filmed by the same expert cameramen, but under previous names of the company.

APTN/AP Television/AP Entertainment 

The most complete contemporary collection of international TV news footage from Associated Press Television News, the world's leading television news agency, which has bureaux in over 80 cities around the globe. Over 20,000 stories are added each year, archived digitally and in HD; and not just hard news - there are also thousands of features, plus stories on entertainment, people, culture, city scenes, lifestyles etc.

We also have packaged compilations:

  • Over 500 compilations of our best shots on everything from natural disasters to wars to celebrities; 
  • Annual News Reviews, year by year, 1929 to today; 
  • Comprehensive daily entertainment news from 1989 onwards; 


News footage 1963 - 1998

Wholly-owned moving pictures from around the world - on 16mm film; in black/white, then later in colour; and on video from the 1980s onwards, mainly on Betacam SP.

Includes extensive coverage of the war in Vietnam; Middle East conflicts; Latin America; Eastern Europe; Central and Southern Africa; the former Yugoslavia; and excellent footage of US domestic stories between 1963 and 1977. 

Many of the 16mm films have been converted to High Definition video. For more information on what content is available in HD, contact AP Archive.


News footage 1994 -1998

Over 50,000 international news stories through this four-year period, all on Betacam SP. APTV prided itself on its editorial judgment and technical quality.


Newsreels 1929-1967

From the New York stock market crash of October 1929 to the six-day war in the Middle East in 1967, various news, entertainment and sports stories from the prestigious newsreel. Also includes “Year in Review" compilations featuring US and international coverage.

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